Three Tips For Helping Homeowners Improve The Efficiency Of Their Air Conditioning Systems

Getting the best performance possible from your air conditioning system can be vital for ensuring that your home stays comfortable when the temperature outside reaches extreme highs. However, you may not give your air conditioning system much attention, which can leave it vulnerable to developing a range of problems that could impair its ability to cool your home. Using the follow tips, you can improve your system's efficiency.  Clean The Interior Vents Read More 

Four Common Problems That Plague AC Condenser Coils

The condenser is one of the most critical parts of your AC (air conditioner); this is where the heat exchange takes place. This means you need to be aware of the common problems that plague the condenser, such as these four problems: Dirt and Debris Accumulation If dirt or other kinds of debris accumulate on the condenser coils, they act as an insulator over the coils. This means they block the flow of air over the coils, which effectively reduces the exchange of heat between the refrigerant flowing through the coils and the outside air. Read More 

Troubleshooting A Troublesome Condenser

Keeping your home's interior cool is essential when outdoor temperatures begin to climb. Without access to a functional air conditioning system, it can be impossible to keep your home cool. Your air conditioning system is made up of several vital components that all contribute to the cooling and distribution of air. The condenser is responsible for releasing heat generated by your air conditioner as it works to cool your home. Without a functioning condenser, you will notice an increase in the temperature of your indoor air. Read More 

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner This Winter?

With the winter approaching quickly, you most likely have shut off your air conditioner until next spring. You may be wondering if you should cover the outdoor condenser of your home's air conditioner before the snow comes. Here is what you need to know about protecting your condenser: Should You Purchase a Condenser Cover? A cover doesn't do much to protect a condenser during the winter. They can actually do more harm than good to the condenser in some situations. Read More 

What Happens When You Do Not Change Your Furnace Air Filter

If you have a forced air heating system, then you may constantly hear the advice to change your furnace air filter. This is something that both novices and professionals will talk about, and there are some serious issues that can develop if you choose not to change the filter on time. Keep reading to learn about a few of these problems. An Overheated System Air filters are placed along the air intake where air is pulled into the system before it is heated. Read More