Repair Or Replace Your Central HVAC Unit’s Thermostat

Repairing and replacing a central HVAC unit's thermostat are straightforward processes. A contractor can assist with inspecting your HVAC unit's thermostat and providing support throughout the upgrade. The Thermostat A thermostat is a critical part of a modern HVAC system. It is responsible for sensing the temperature within a home. The temperature setting that a user selects will trigger a unit to turn on as needed. If the thermostat fails, the HVAC unit may not turn on at all. Read More 

AC System Repairs That Might Be Needed When Ice Is On The Evaporator Coil

A frozen evaporator coil can shut your air conditioning system down. Your AC might short cycle and trigger the safety switch to shut down the equipment or your AC might run continuously when there is ice on the evaporator coil. Ice can form on the coil because it's always wet with condensation. There are usually two causes: a clogged filter and low refrigerant. Here are common AC system repairs for ice on the evaporator coil. Read More 

What To Do When Carbon Monoxide Is Being Released From A Problematic Furnace

Did the carbon monoxide detector start beeping in your home and you are confused about the cause? If your central heating system has been problematic lately, it could be the culprit of the carbon monoxide detector beeping. The furnace might be the culprit in the situation and need a repair as soon as possible, as carbon monoxide is highly toxic. If the furnace pilot has a flame that is glowing yellow, it is a sign that carbon monoxide is being produced and circulated in your home. Read More 

How A Heating Contractor Can Help You Save Money On Your Energy Bills

As winter approaches, many homeowners worry about the cost of heating their homes. Heating costs can quickly add up, especially if your heating system needs to be more efficient or updated. This is where a heating contractor can help. In this blog post, learn more about how a heating contractor can help you save money on your energy bills. Identifying Inefficiencies in Your Heating System A heating contractor can assess your heating system to identify inefficiencies that are causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Read More 

Switch To An On-Demand Water Heating System

If you are planning on replacing your hot water heater, this is your chance to also make a change to the type of system you use. There is a type of water heater system that works differently than a water heater tank does. This water heater is called an on-demand water heater or a tankless water heater. It offers some benefits that differ from the ones a tank system offers, and these benefits may end up working out better for your household. Read More