Three Tips For Helping Homeowners Improve The Efficiency Of Their Air Conditioning Systems

Getting the best performance possible from your air conditioning system can be vital for ensuring that your home stays comfortable when the temperature outside reaches extreme highs. However, you may not give your air conditioning system much attention, which can leave it vulnerable to developing a range of problems that could impair its ability to cool your home. Using the follow tips, you can improve your system's efficiency. 

Clean The Interior Vents

The interior vents that are found inside your home can become partially or completely blocked if they are not regularly cleaned. This can prevent the cooled air of the system from being able to circulate throughout the house. If you are to prevent these issues from lowering the effectiveness of your system, you must make sure that you are regularly cleaning these vents by vacuuming them. For those with pets, this is particularly important, as pets will often want to lay on or near these vents, which can allow large amounts of their hair to get trapped in them.

Install Fans In The Most Used Areas Of The Home

The installation of fans in the areas of the home that experience the most use can be another step for improving the overall effectiveness of the air conditioning system. When you make the effort and investment to install fans in these areas, you can prevent the air from settling into thermal layers that could cause the cool, comfortable air to get trapped near the floor. If you are unable or unwilling to install ceiling fans in these areas, you can achieve similar results by placing adjustable fans on the floor and angling them upward, as this will help to disrupt the thermal layers that may have formed.

Use Your Curtains To Reduce Heat Gain

The curtains that are on your windows can be excellent at blocking out the sunlight, but they may be causing unwanted warming of the house. This is due to the fabric absorbing the heat from the sun and radiating it back into the house. You can combat this problem while still enjoying the benefits of curtains by opting for ones that are made of white fabric. This is due to the color white being able to reflect much of the sun's most intense light so that the fabric will avoid unnecessary heating. Furthermore, you should make sure that you are keeping these curtains closed during the day so that as much of the sun's heat as possible can be blocked from entering the house and causing the air conditioning system to have to work harder.

For more tips or help with system maintenance, contact local cooling services