Improving Indoor Air Quality In A Home With A Forced-Air Furnace

If your home has an electric forced-air furnace that continually recycles the air from inside of your home versus bringing in fresh air from the outdoors, then keeping the system clean is of the utmost importance if you want good indoor air quality. In theory, all of the various dust and pollen particles found in your home's air would be trapped in the HVAC system's filter and permanently removed. However, in most cases, this isn't what actually happens much of the time. Read More 

Why Hire a Pro to Install Your New Commercial Refrigerator

Whether you have a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant, for your flower business, or even for a medical purpose, you have to replace the unit periodically so you can upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. While a commercial refrigerator is complex in size and operation, the unit may appear easy to install. However, you should never install a commercial fridge on your own. Hire an HVAC specialist to handle the commercial refrigeration installation for you. Read More 

Major Benefits Of Upgrading To A Modern Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace can be a move that can bring numerous benefits to your home. It can be a rather major project to undertake a furnace replacement, but understanding the benefits that this improvement can provide will make it easier to justify this type of major investment and disruptive home improvement project. Safety Improvements In addition to reliability issues, an aging furnace system can also be a major safety risk. Read More 

4 Reasons You Shouldn’T Keep Your A/C System Under Cover

Keeping your central air conditioning system under wraps this winter sounds like a no-brainer. After all, you want to protect it against all manners of ice, snow and debris buildup that's common during the season. Unfortunately, covering up your A/C system could do more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you're better off leaving your outdoor A/C cabinet exposed to the elements. 1. Rust and Corrosion Moisture is a common problem with A/C systems put under cover. Read More 

How To “Be Nice” To The Plumbing In An Older House

Pipes and other plumbing fixtures do not last forever. If you have an older home with original pipes and everything is still working well, count yourself as lucky. To keep the plumbing in working order, you'll want to treat it with kid gloves, so to speak. Here are some ways to be extra nice to the plumbing in an older home. 1. Only flush toilet paper. Make sure everyone in your home knows to only flush human waste and toilet paper. Read More