Repair Or Replace Your Central HVAC Unit’s Thermostat

Repairing and replacing a central HVAC unit's thermostat are straightforward processes. A contractor can assist with inspecting your HVAC unit's thermostat and providing support throughout the upgrade.

The Thermostat

A thermostat is a critical part of a modern HVAC system. It is responsible for sensing the temperature within a home. The temperature setting that a user selects will trigger a unit to turn on as needed.

If the thermostat fails, the HVAC unit may not turn on at all. The unit may also cycle on and off more often or less often than normal. These signs indicate that the thermostat needs to be professionally inspected.

An Inspection And Recommendations

If you had your HVAC system installed by a local contractor, schedule an appointment with them to have the thermostat assessed. If you purchased a home with an existing HVAC unit, call several contractors. Hire one who can fit the inspection into their schedule in the near future.

The contractor will inspect the breaker box, the wiring that runs to the thermostat, and the plate materials that house the thermostat. A contractor will either recommend that the thermostat is repaired or replaced. 

The Repair Process

If the thermostat can be repaired, the contractor will turn off the power to your HVAC unit. This will prevent the technician from becoming shocked while they are working with the electrical wires.

The technician will remove the thermostat's faceplate first. This will necessitate the use of a screwdriver. Then, they will check the manner in which the wires are connected. Twisted wires or loose wires could be hindering the thermostat from operating properly.

After the technician has made the necessary adjustment, they will clean the inside of the thermostat. They will reattach the faceplate. The thermostat should resume working as intended.

The Replacement Process

If the thermostat is old and severely damaged, the contractor will recommend that it is replaced. A cracked face plate, torn wiring, and corrosion are damages that will constitute investing in a new thermostat. The contractor can replace the thermostat with a similar product or a more advanced one.

If you would like to benefit from having access to smart technology, for instance, the contractor can advise you on modern thermostat products that can be operated remotely. The new thermostat that you purchase will contain a backplate that will need to be installed on the wall. Once this piece is secure, the remaining pieces of the new thermostat can be installed.

To schedule repairs, contact an AC repair contractor in your area.