What To Do When Carbon Monoxide Is Being Released From A Problematic Furnace

Did the carbon monoxide detector start beeping in your home and you are confused about the cause? If your central heating system has been problematic lately, it could be the culprit of the carbon monoxide detector beeping. The furnace might be the culprit in the situation and need a repair as soon as possible, as carbon monoxide is highly toxic. If the furnace pilot has a flame that is glowing yellow, it is a sign that carbon monoxide is being produced and circulated in your home. Your household might need to leave the home until the gas furnace has been repaired by an HVAC contractor.

Why Carbon Monoxide Is Dangerous

Carbon monoxide is one of the most toxic and deadly gases, and it is also a gas that does not give off an odor when it is present in the air. The lack of odor might be why you are confused as to why the carbon monoxide detector started to beep. Before causing deadly consequences, the odorless gas can cause you to feel ill out of the blue. For example, the people in your household might begin to feel confused or dizzy, and they could develop a bad headache that does not go away. If your furnace has a flame that is any color other than blue, a repair is needed.

Signs of a Problematic Gas Furnace

Other than the pilot flame not glowing blue, a pilot that does not stay ignited is a sign of a serious furnace problem. The pilot orifice may have gotten old, rusty, and filled with a lot of dirt and debris. When the pilot stops igniting altogether, it could be due to the furnace being old, or because the gas line is not functional. If you can use your heating system but must invest in frequent furnace repairs, it is a sign that multiple parts are damaged or that the furnace is ready to be replaced. A professional opinion about the condition of the furnace should be obtained.

The Speed of Repairing a Gas Furnace

If carbon monoxide is being released from your furnace, repairs should be considered an emergency. A contractor can resolve the problem. The overall speed of repairs will be based on the number of problems that your furnace has. Which parts of the furnace are being repaired matters as well. The furnace and its parts might need to be cleaned during the repair process.

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