Dishwasher Not Starting? Here’s What Could Be Causing It

Do you have a dishwasher that you're currently unable to use? It seems to be on, but for some reason, that start button just isn't working. Before you call for help, it's important to find out the potential reason if you can so that you know what you are dealing with. Here are the most common reasons for a dishwasher not starting.   Check the Wiring and Fuses This can sound like a silly suggestion, but it is one that is commonly forgotten now. Read More 

2 Reasons To Replace Your Aging Furnace

One of the most important home improvement tasks that you will need to handle as a homeowner is replacing an aging furnace, mostly because an aging furnace can lead to all manner of issues. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider purchasing a new furnace.  Decreases Your Heating Bills One of the biggest reasons to consider a new furnace is to avoid large heating bills. In many cases, when a furnace gets older it will begin to get less efficient. Read More 

About The Inefficiency Dirt Can Cause For An HVAC System

Does your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system seem to lag in the efficiency department lately? If you run the system for extended hours just to heat or cool your house, you may want to get it inspected to find out if cleaning it will solve the problem. Find out below how dirt can affect the cooling and heating aspect of an HVAC system. How Does Dirt Interfere with HVAC System Cooling? Read More 

Pussy Cat Spray On Your AC Unit? You Can Clean It!

When a cat sprays your outdoor air conditioning unit, the smell is putrid. Unfortunately, you may not even know that the neighborhood stray has been spraying your unit over the winter until you kick it on during the first hot day of the summer. When you notice that awful smell, you must clean the unit to remove the spray and put a stop to the stench filling your home each time the unit is on. Read More 

Do You Understand Furnace Talk? 4 Signs that You Need a New Furnace

Your furnace might be trying to tell you something. Unfortunately, if you don't know its language, you might miss out on some valuable information. Knowing its language can mean the difference between a well-running furnace and an emergency break-down in the dead of winter. Before you're faced with an emergency situation, take a look at these warning signs that your furnace may be trying to communicate to you. 1. Escalating Utility Bills Read More