Why Sometimes The Lowest Priced Heating Oil Is Not The Best Deal

Heating your home with heating oil means buying oil regularly. In many homes, oil is a monthly requirement in the winter, and if you have a boiler that heats the water in your home as well, it means keeping oil in the tank all year. Getting a great price for your oil is good, but it is essential to make sure you are getting high-quality heating oil services. Get the Right Oil Read More 

Understanding Your New Furnace’s Energy Efficiency Rating

Pop quiz time: what's the most important part of a new furnace installation? If you answered, "choosing the right furnace," then you're on the right track. Your furnace is one of your home's most expensive and essential appliances. Installing a new furnace is a big decision, and it is crucial to choose the right one so that you can avoid costly repairs and devastating utility bills. There are many factors to consider when selecting between furnace models, but energy efficiency should be at the top of your list. Read More 

Heating And Cooling Options For A Duplex

Do you own a duplex and need to install heating and cooling appliances for the tenants? If so, you may be wondering what method is best. Here are your heating and cooling options for this different home environment. Central Heating and Cooling Systems You always have the option to use a traditional forced air furnace and air conditioner for a duplex. However, this option is going to require a completely separate system for both living spaces. Read More 

3 Ways AC System Maintenance Protects You

Heating and cooling are a key part of your home. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the system is in distress until it is no longer working, which can cause a good amount of discomfort and stress during seasons where temperatures are very high or very low. Thankfully, regular maintenance on the systems will ensure the system is working correctly, which is beneficial for many different reasons. This guide and your contractor will help you understand how regular AC maintenance protects you. Read More 

It’s Never Too Late In The Summer To Maintain Your AC

The best time to have your air conditioning unit serviced is in the summer. But if summer has already arrived, and you haven't had your AC unit serviced, it's not too late. Your AC unit will still benefit from maintenance services and you'll see energy savings.  Your AC Will Become Less Efficient Your AC unit should be scheduled to be serviced once a year. If it misses one scheduled maintenance session, it will be very bad for your AC and will shorten its lifespan. Read More