Building A New Home? How To Prepare For Your Propane Heating System

If you're in the process of building a home, and your property is located in a remote area, your heating options might be limited. In fact, because your home is being built in a remote location, you may need to choose propane. If that's the case, you need to start planning, especially if you're not familiar with propane use. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your new propane heater. 

Work With an HVAC Contractor

If your new home will be heated using a propane system, you need to work with an HVAC contractor. You might think that you can forego the contractor since your system won't be using natural gas or electricity, but that's not the case. An HVAC contractor will ensure that your propane system is installed correctly and that you have accurate service records for it. They'll also spend time teaching you how to operate your heating system safely and efficiently. 

Understand Your Tank Options

If your new heater will be powered by propane, you're going to need to bring a propane tank onto your property. You have two options for that. You can buy your propane tank, or you can rent one from your propane provider. If you buy your propane tank, you can shop for propane based on price, which can save you some money. However, when you buy your propane tank, you're responsible for the repair costs. If you rent your propane tank, your propane provider will take care of the tank maintenance and repairs, which will save you some money on upkeep. However, when you rent your tank, you're obliged to buy your propane from that provider. 

Know How to Check the Levels

If your contractor is installing a propane heating system in your new home, it's important that you know how to monitor the propane levels. Failure to monitor levels could leave you without propane in the middle of winter. After your propane tank has been installed, ask your HVAC contractor to show you how to read the levels on your propane tank. That way, you can order a fresh supply before you run out. You can also talk to your propane provider about setting up a regular refill schedule. 

Get to Know the Propane Odor

Finally, if you're getting ready to have a propane heating system installed in your new home, make sure you recognize the odor. Propane leaks can be hazardous for you and for your family. In most cases, you'll smell a rotten egg odor if your propane tank is leaking. If you do smell a rotten egg odor once your new propane heating system is installed, call for immediate repairs. 

Contact your HVAC contractor if you have questions about propane