AC Compressors and Refrigerant Leaks: The Repairs Your System Needs When It Stops Cooling

If your AC has stopped cooling, but there is still air coming from the vents, there might be a refrigerant leak. It could also be due to other problems too, such as a belt, the motor of the compressor, or ice building up. These problems cause leaks that damage the compressor and coils of your AC. The following repairs may be needed to deal with the refrigerant leaks and your system not cooling.

Issues With Dirty Coils and Components

The coils of your AC are what provide cooling when refrigerant gas is compressed. The compressor cools the coil with the compressed gas, which then provides the thermal exchange for your AC ducts. Therefore, these are also components that receive a lot of wear and can leak. If the coils and components get too dirty, this can cause ice to accumulate on the air conditioning equipment. This causes the AC to work harder to cool your home, and parts may fail and leak. Keep the unit and coils clean to prevent these problems and damage to the compressor.

Broken AC Compressor Fan Belt or Damaged Motors

The compressor of your AC is connected to a belt that an electric motor turns. The belt can break and cause the compressor to not work and the system to not cool. Therefore, one of the issues that need to be checked when your AC stops cooling is the belt's connection to the compressor. This is a common problem with older belt-driven units, but newer systems may be direct-drive designs. If you have a direct-drive AC compressor, the problem with the system could be due to the motor, bearings, and other components. 

AC Compressor Problems With Refrigerant Leaks

The compressor is the main area where you may have to deal with refrigerant leaks. The compressor is also an expensive repair if it needs to be replaced. Thus, you want to have your system inspected for problems with the compressor that needs to be repaired. These are often minor issues with the motor and connections that leak. You can have an AC repair service fix the damage to the compressor when your system is not cooling as it should. Sometimes, the compressor is compact with a protective safety cover, and it might be better to have it completely replaced rather than try to have it repaired.

Refrigerant leaks are one of the major causes of the degrading cooling ability of air conditioners. Contact an AC repair service for help finding and repairing leaks before the damage to your system gets worse.