3 Reasons You Might Need To Call For Emergency AC Repairs

If your air conditioner has stopped working, you might need emergency repairs to get the temperature in your home comfortable again. In some cases, you might be able to turn your AC off and wait until the next day, but other times, emergency AC repair is needed. Here are three reasons you might need to have emergency repairs done.

1. When Your Health Is In Danger

If someone in your family has a health condition, letting the air in your home get hot and stuffy could be dangerous. Even if you're in good health, you will be miserable if it's very hot outside. While you might be able to open windows and get a breeze, that might not be a good idea from a home security standpoint, especially at night. If it's very hot and humid outside, then a broken-down AC could be an emergency. This will likely require an emergency AC repair service.

2. When Your Home Is In Danger

If your AC is erratic from loose wiring, keeps tripping the breaker, or if you smell burning plastic, then you should call an emergency AC repair service without delay. They will likely tell you to shut the equipment down until a technician can check it out for electrical problems. It might be unsafe to run your AC if it keeps tripping the breaker or has problems with the wiring, and emergency AC repairs could keep your home safe from a fire.

3. When The AC Equipment Is In Danger

The compressor is the main part of your air conditioner that is expensive to replace. You may even need to buy a whole new AC unit if the compressor goes bad. So, along with getting emergency AC repairs to protect you and your home, you should call for emergency help if a malfunctioning part threatens to harm the compressor.

Since you may have no idea when your compressor is struggling, you can listen for unusual noises coming from the condenser outside. If you hear humming or other new noises, shut off your AC and call a repair service. Also, if you notice your AC isn't putting out cool air or that the condenser fan isn't working, you may want to shut the AC off and call for help.

When parts in the condenser, such as the fan or a capacitor, go bad, they cause the compressor to work harder. This strain can cause the compressor to fail. Any time you suspect something is wrong with parts in the condenser, it's good to call an air conditioning repair service and get advice. They may send a technician on an emergency call to protect your equipment from damage. Contact an emergency AC repair service for more information.