5 Heating Repair Signs That Need Your Immediate Attention

Whichever kind of electric heating system you use in your home, you need it to run smoothly throughout the year. However, mishaps are bound to happen even with the best maintenance and care. When malfunctions occur, you will need an emergency heating repair for continued comfort.

However, not all problems call for urgent attention. Read on to learn instances when you'll need to contact an emergency heating repair service.

1. When There Are Yellow Flames from Your Furnace

As long as your furnace is producing blue flames, there is no cause for alarm. But if you notice yellow flames, then the gas is not burning as it should, and it might result in a cold home. It could also indicate carbon monoxide leakage, which can be hazardous to your health. Carbon monoxide can cause severe headaches, nausea, or even death if inhaled in large amounts. For that reason, an emergency heating repair call is vital.

2. When the Fan Runs Non-Stop

The thermostat setting must always be at the "auto" mode for it to function correctly. If it is at "on," the fan will keep running even when not in use. In turn, your energy bills will spike. The problem arises when there is a disconnection between the thermostat and the furnace due to mechanical issues. Sometimes it could be a faulty blower. You should call a heating repair company to get it back to normal.

3. When the Basement Becomes Steamy

When your basement becomes overly steamy, your boiler could be leaking. It might also be a valve problem that you should have fixed right away. Apart from a steamy basement, you may also notice puddles of water forming around the boiler. When you observe these two signs, the right thing is to switch off the boiler and call for help.

4. When Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Has Picked Something Up

Your carbon monoxide detector alerts you of gas leakage. It is a life-saving device that every home needs. As earlier noted, carbon dioxide is a hazardous gas with devastating health consequences. So when the carbon monoxide detector goes off, evacuate your family to a safe location until a heating repair contractor fixes the problem.

5. When There's Cold Air from the Duct

Naturally, your duct should produce hot air, so if it is only producing cool air, something is not correct. Usually, the furnace located in the pilot or burner is the main culprit. Your heating repair company should be able to restore the problem in no time when you call them.

Now you know the types of heating problems that require immediate action. It is essential to have the contact details of a reliable heating repair company in your contact list for these emergencies.

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