Is It Better To Get A Larger Air Conditioner?

There are quite a few reasons why your air conditioner isn't meeting your expectations, which can make you believe that a larger conditioner will fix the problems. However, this is not always an ideal solution, since the air conditioner must be properly sized for your home. Here are some of the problems that can happen by getting an air conditioner that is too big for your home. 

Oversized Air Conditioners Can Short Cycle

A common problem that comes with having an oversized air conditioner is that it is going to short cycle. This means that the air conditioner will turn on and off frequently, rather than running for a longer period of time and maintaining the proper temperature of your home. That is because an oversized air conditioner is going to quickly pump out a lot of cold air, and then the thermostat is going to sense that the home is at the right temperature and shut down. This cycle will constantly repeat as the air conditioner struggles to hold your home at an even temperature.

Oversized Air Conditioners Remove Less Humidity

You need the air conditioner to run for a while to cycle the air and move humidity from it. An oversized air conditioner that's short cycling is not going to do that. It may get the home to the right temperature quickly, but that air is not going to feel comfortable because it is humid. Having an air conditioner that runs a bit longer to maintain the temperature is also going to do a better job at removing that humidity. 

Oversized Air Conditioners Feel Less Comfortable

Another thing to think about is that your air conditioner needs to cool more than just the air, but cool down your living area as well. Think of stepping into your car on a hot summer day and turning on the air conditioner. It will take a short while to get cool air coming out of the vents, but how comfortable is the car going to feel when you shut down the air conditioner? For example, your leather seat may still feel hot to the touch. An oversized air conditioner is not going to do a good job at cooling the surfaces of your home since it cannot run as long as a properly sized air conditioner. 

Reach out to a local HVAC contractor to ensure that your next air conditioner is sized properly. They can provide additional information regarding air conditioners.