What Do You Do When You Have Uneven Heat?

Have you noticed that your furnace is not evenly heating your home? You may have a basement that is significantly colder than the rest of your home, or a specific room that is very hot. Here are some things that you can do to fix these cold and hot spots in your home.

Adjust The Dampers

There is a lot that can be done to alter the airflow of your HVAC system by simply adjusting your dampers. Each vent will have two sets of dampers that can be adjusted that you need to be aware of. Not only is there a damper on the vent going into each room, but the main run of the ductwork going to that room often has a damper on it as well. If a room is too hot, try to close those dampers to limit the amount of heat in the room. Too cold? Make sure that both sets of dampers are open.

Seal Leaking Ductwork

A common reason that heat is not getting to a particular room could be leaking ductwork. It's worth taking a look at the exposed ductwork in your home and identifying places where the air is coming out of the places where the ductwork is joined together. This ductwork can be sealed using some adhesive foil tape, which will form a great seal and keep the air in the vents.

However, the problem becomes much more complicated if the ductwork is leaking inside a sealed wall. An HVAC contractor can actually put a liner in the ductwork so that you do not have to seal it from the outside. This will ensure that the air is getting to its destination and not between the walls. 

Insulate The Rooms

Any room that is experiencing cold temperatures during the winter can benefit from having more insulation. This includes installing foam insulation between the wall cavities, using thermal shades, and even upgrading the windows to double pane glass. While it's not directly related to your HVAC system's performance, it can make a big difference.

Install A Zoning System

Another option is to have an HVAC contractor install a zoning system that works with a single furnace. It allows your furnace to shut down airflow to certain parts of your home and run the furnace to a designated area. This is especially helpful for basements where you want to keep running the air conditioner to the basement but cut off heat to the rest of your home. 

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