3 Times To Call An AC Service Tech To Check Your Air Conditioner And Make Repairs

Don't wait until your air conditioner stops working to have it serviced. It's tough to make it through a hot and humid night without cool air, so you don't want your AC to break down in the summer. Here are three times to call your AC service tech to check your air conditioner.

1. Before The Start Of Summer

Always have your air conditioner serviced right before hot weather begins. However, if you forget, don't simply wait until next season. You can have your air conditioner cleaned and serviced any time. Later is better than not at all.

Routine AC service involves cleaning dust out of the air handler parts and servicing the condenser and air handler. Your AC works more efficiently and has a longer life when you have routine maintenance done every year.

2. When Your House Feels Too Hot

If your thermostat is set right and seems to be working properly, and if your AC runs but your house is too hot, call for a service visit from a repair technician. Your AC can run continuously, but if there is a refrigerant leak or other problem with the AC parts, your house won't cool down.

Call as soon as you notice this problem because the problem may get worse and damage might be done to the parts in your AC. If your AC runs continuously, you might get a shockingly high power bill next month too. Even worse, the damage the malfunction causes might make your AC shut down, and then you will be even hotter.

3. When You See Ice Or Water Near The AC

Ice on your air conditioner is not a good sign. You may need to shut your AC off to let the ice melt while you wait on the repair technician to arrive. Ice could be a sign of low refrigerant or dirty coils, but whatever the cause, it's abnormal to have ice on your equipment, and your air conditioner will quit working if you don't get to the bottom of the problem and have repairs done.

Water around the AC might be from melting ice, but it could also be due to trouble with condensation that's supposed to drain outside. Water on the floor can lead to mold and water damage. Rust might even form on the air handler. If your AC has a float switch, your air conditioner might shut off until the AC service technician makes the necessary repairs.

Regular AC service is good for your equipment and helps it lead a trouble-free and long life. Plus, maintenance and early repairs are often less expensive than paying for damage caused by parts that overheat and cause more extensive damage.