Why Is Your Furnace Not Distributing Heat Properly?

If your furnace isn't distributing heat to every room in your home, you might have a problem with your air ducts and zone dampers. In order for heat to reach each room in your house properly, it must travel through a network of air ducts, dampers, and air vents. If one of the components is closed or blocked, warm air can become trapped inside the system. Some of the spaces in your house won't receive any heat at all. The following tips can help you solve the heat distribution problem in your home.

Check for Airflow

Although it may be possible for you to check the air ducts and dampers in your home for obstructions, it may be easier to check your vents instead. The vents can let you know if there's any type of airflow problem within the air ducts and dampers. If the ducts or dampers are closed or damaged, air won't flow out of the vents. If the ducts and dampers are open or partially open, you'll feel some type of air coming out of the vents.

First, hold a thin piece of cloth or slip of paper in front of each air vent in your home. If the cloth or paper flutters freely in your hand, then air is moving through each duct and damper. If the cloth or paper doesn't flutter in one or more rooms, then call an HVAC contractor. Your air ducts and dampers could have something wrong with them.

Call a Heating Professional

If there isn't enough air traveling through your air ducts and dampers to heat each room in your home, a heating contractor can determine why. There could be obstructions such as piles of dust and animal nests inside your air ducts. The dampers could also be broken and stuck in place. A contractor can repair, clean, or replace any issues they find with the air ducts and dampers.

If the air ducts and dampers aren't responsible for the problems in your home, a heating contractor will check your furnace. Furnaces can create very little heat if they have problems with their sensors, air filters, or blowers.

The ignition control system in your furnace might be damaged or in poor repair. Advanced ignition control systems can experience problems over time that interfere with how well they function. If something is wrong with your appliance's control system, a contractor will need to troubleshoot and repair it.

For more information about your specific heating problem, contact an HVAC contractor immediately.