Air Conditioning Service And Repair Guide To Help With Spring Maintenance Before Summer Heat

The air conditioning of your home needs to be ready for the summer months, and you do not want to wait until the first heatwave to make sure it is working. Therefore, it is important to start early in the spring with your AC maintenance. This may also be a time to do air conditioning repairs and improvements that you have been putting off. The following 5-step AC service and repair guide for spring will help you get ready for summer:

1. Remove Any Condensation Line Plugs and Winterize to Prepare for Spring AC Maintenance

One of the first things that can be done during the fall is blowing water out of condensation lines and plugging them. This helps prevent water from freezing and damaging the pipes. Plugging condensation lines is often done with other winterization like partially covering the AC unit. Remove the plugs and any other winterization to prepare for the summer weather that will be coming.

2. Make Sure That the Main AC Power Supply Is Turned Off Before Cleaning Your Condensing Unit

It is also important to turn off the main power to your AC before you continue with maintenance. This could be a breaker on its own circuit, or main AC power circuits often have their own special box near the condensing unit. Find out where the electricity switch is and turn it off to ensure the AC maintenance and repairs can be done safely.

3. Clean the Condensing Unit to Prepare for Summer Weather and Reduce Problems with Freezing Lines

Freezing of condensation units is a serious problem that often surfaces during the summer heat. The freezing is caused by droplets forming on dirt on AC parts, which leads to stress and can cause damage to the air conditioner. Therefore, you will want to clean the condensing unit and other parts to prepare for summer and ensure your AC does not start freezing when you need it.

4. Inspect the Ducts, Vents, AC Condensing Unit, and Other Parts for Visible Signs of Wear or Damage

Inspecting the ducts, vents, and the condensing unit is another part of the spring maintenance that you need to do or have done. The ducts are a place where you can start with this maintenance and repair any damage while changing the dampers and checking the vents. You will also want to look at the AC unit and other components for signs of damage and minor repairs that need to be done before summer.

5. Turn the Main Power Back on And Test Your AC to Make Sure It Is Working When You Need It

Lastly, you will want to turn the AC on and test it to ensure it is working during the summer months. Turn the power back on and set the thermostat to a setting the is low enough to cause it to come on. If you notice any problems when the system turns on, you may need to contact an AC service for help with the maintenance and repairs before the summer weather arrives and you need your cooling.

If you follow these steps to prepare your AC in spring, you will be ready for summer when you need cooling. For help with the maintenance and repairs, contact an air conditioning service to ensure you are ready when the weather changes.