What To Do When Your Water Bill Is High Suddenly

A water bill that's a lot higher than usual can be alarming. It not only wrecks your budget, it makes you wonder if there is a leak causing water damage in your home. Plumbing leaks aren't always obvious, so you need to find out what's going on. Here are some steps to take when you get a high water bill.

Check For Visible Leaks

Check all the faucets and toilets in your home and outdoors. A toilet that runs after you flush it or an outdoor leaky spigot can waste a lot of water and run up your bill over the course of a month. If you find a leak, repair it or call a plumber.

Call The Water Department

First, call the water department to see if they have an explanation and to have them verify the bill. They might send someone out to take the reading on your meter again to make sure your bill is right. If no error was made and the city's water meter isn't leaking, you're on your own since the city usually doesn't help with plumbing problems on private property.

Call A Plumber To Find The Leak

A plumber may try to narrow down the location of the leak by turning off supply valves and checking the water meter for movement. By doing this, the plumber could find out if the leak is in the main line that's underground or if the leak is in your house. Still, the exact location of the link has to be pinpointed so the damaged pipe can be repaired.

A plumber can locate a leak that's under the ground or even buried under concrete. This can be done with leak detection tools such as electronic listening devices and infrared cameras. A listening device is placed over the ground or floor and moved slowly until a change in sound is detected. By finding a leak with these high-tech tools, the plumber knows where to dig so the repairs are as least disruptive as possible.

Even though pipe leaks are not visible, it's often possible to tell when there's a leak in the house or even outdoors. An outdoor leak may cause grass to suddenly grow faster and be healthier than the rest of your yard or there may be water puddles in the area above the leak. When the leak is inside, you may notice a musty odor or hear rushing water. If your plumbing is old and you're concerned about it, you may want to check the water meter yourself regularly, such as every time you mow the lawn. If the meter is turning when you're not using water, you'll want to call a plumber to find the leak so repairs can be done before you get another high water bill. Contact Ongaro And Sons for more information.