Why Sometimes The Lowest Priced Heating Oil Is Not The Best Deal

Heating your home with heating oil means buying oil regularly. In many homes, oil is a monthly requirement in the winter, and if you have a boiler that heats the water in your home as well, it means keeping oil in the tank all year. Getting a great price for your oil is good, but it is essential to make sure you are getting high-quality heating oil services.

Get the Right Oil

Number two heating oil is the most common oil for home heating. It is similar to diesel fuel in a lot of ways, but the two can not be interchanged legally. It is crucial that you understand what you are getting when you order oil because the wrong fuel could damage your heating system.

Number two oil is fine all summer long, and if the fuel tank is inside the home, it is fine in the winter as well. If your tank is outside in the cold, number two oil can gel in the tank and lines, so it needs to have an additive like kerosene in it. Number two oil is far cheaper without the kerosene, but saving some money on fuel could cost you some money on repairs later. 

If the fuel gels in the lines, the boiler will shut down, and you will lose your heat source. The fuel line will need replacing, and the boiler will not run until the line is repaired, and good fuel is flowing to the boiler again. 

High-Quality Oil

It is vital to make sure that you are buying oil that is free of contaminants, and while it is hard to check yourself, purchasing the lowest priced oil you can find may mean you are getting a lower quality oil. Check the reviews from people who use the company that you are considering to see if anyone has had problems with the quality of the oil you are buying before you opt for the cheapest oil company you find in your area. 

Delivery Services

When you are buying oil from a distributor for your home, you need to trust that the deliveries will arrive on time. If you are running close to empty in your oil tank, the last thing you need is for the oil company to be late delivering. Ask when you can expect the delivery when you are inquiring about buying oil from a company. If they can't give you a specific window of time that they will deliver, you may want to find another company. Any company that is hit or miss on deliveries could result in you running out of oil, and that is not good for the boiler or furnace.