Heating And Cooling Options For A Duplex

Do you own a duplex and need to install heating and cooling appliances for the tenants? If so, you may be wondering what method is best. Here are your heating and cooling options for this different home environment.

Central Heating and Cooling Systems

You always have the option to use a traditional forced air furnace and air conditioner for a duplex. However, this option is going to require a completely separate system for both living spaces. There is no way for both units to share the same appliances and still have full control over the temperature of their unit, so you will need to spend money on two furnaces and air conditioners to make it work.

As a landlord, you may not like this option because of the more expensive costs to install and maintain two separate systems over the years, which can really add up if you have problems and are repairing both systems. That said, it may be the easiest solution if you have ductwork in place.

Radiant Heat Systems

One of the benefits of using radiant heat for a duplex is that the heating system can heat both units by using a single boiler. You can divide both units into several zones, which not only give tenants individual control of the heating for their unit but also give them control over the temperature of individual rooms. They can shut off the heat in the living room while they are sleeping, and control the heat in individual bedrooms.

Many tenants love radiant heat because of the comfort it provides. It heats the room from the floor up, keeping their feet warm and their head cool. No energy is wasted by producing hot air that instantly goes to the top of the room where you cannot feel it.

Ductless Mini-Split Heating and Cooling Systems

Another option is to place a ductless mini-split system in the walls of each unit. This is a great option if you want to minimize the construction that is necessary to retrofit an existing duplex since it only requires a single hole in the wall for each unit that is installed. These mini-split systems can provide both heating and cooling to a unit, give tenants full control over their comfort, and be separated from the neighboring unit.

For more options on how to add heating and cooling to your duplex, you can work with HVAC system installation services in your area.