It’s Never Too Late In The Summer To Maintain Your AC

The best time to have your air conditioning unit serviced is in the summer. But if summer has already arrived, and you haven't had your AC unit serviced, it's not too late. Your AC unit will still benefit from maintenance services and you'll see energy savings. 

Your AC Will Become Less Efficient

Your AC unit should be scheduled to be serviced once a year. If it misses one scheduled maintenance session, it will be very bad for your AC and will shorten its lifespan. Each year that your AC goes without maintenance, its energy-efficiency drops a few percentage points. The expenses associated with a shortened AC lifespan and the higher energy bills make this a significant problem. 

Poorly Maintained AC Units are Health Hazards

Not properly maintaining your AC can also lead to health hazards. Your AC controls the air that flows into and out of your home. If you do not maintain your AC, this will lead to more pollutants forming in your home. Also, because the AC lowers humidity, you'll be more likely to have a problem with mold and mildew forming, which can get in your lungs and lead to respiratory problems.

Your AC Might Break Down

At any point during the summer and even in early fall, your AC might break down. If there is a late heatwave, you'll be stuck in the heatwave without adequate AC. Then, you'll have to cope with the heat until air conditioning service technicians are able to arrive. If you have your AC maintained by air conditioning services, the technicians will identify if your AC is defective and recommend repairs.

AC Repair is Expensive

When you perform maintenance, you'll also reduce your repair costs. It's more expensive to repair an AC unit than it is to perform maintenance. For example, if your evaporator coils are dirty after your AC unit has been running for months, the motor for your AC might break. This may lead to your AC unit needing to be replaced entirely, which is a much larger investment than what you would have to invest in maintaining your AC.

Many maintenance tasks can be performed on your own, but you'll benefit from having an air conditioning maintenance service look at your AC periodically as well. For example, you could easily change your AC filter and clean your AC, but you may need your thermostat calibrated by an experienced technician.

Reach out to local air conditioning services to learn more.