Major Benefits Of Upgrading To A Modern Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace can be a move that can bring numerous benefits to your home. It can be a rather major project to undertake a furnace replacement, but understanding the benefits that this improvement can provide will make it easier to justify this type of major investment and disruptive home improvement project.

Safety Improvements

In addition to reliability issues, an aging furnace system can also be a major safety risk. Aging furnaces can be more prone to experiencing problems that can lead to a fire. Once a fire starts, it can quickly spread from the furnace to the building. Every make and model of furnace will have a recommended lifespan, and if your system is starting to approach the end of this period, you should consider upgrading it regardless of whether it is suffering from obvious performance problems as a preventative measure.

Better Energy Efficiency Performance

While it may not seem as though furnace technology has undergone major changes, it is a reality that modern units are simply more efficient than the majority of their older counterparts. The energy costs associated with heating your home during the winter can be one of the biggest expenses that you have. Upgrading to a modern furnace can lead to sizable reductions in your heating expenses, and these savings can persist after the first winter. This will result in the lifetime energy savings from the new furnace greatly offsetting the costs that were needed to purchase and install the new furnace.

Improvements to Your Comfort

There are many performance problems that can impact the heat output of an aging furnace. Often, these problems may not lead to obvious malfunctions, but they can reduce the overall performance of the system. This can lead to the furnace being less able to quickly warm the interior of the home as well as preventing it from reaching the desired temperature. To enjoy the largest improvements to your comfort, you should make sure the furnace is properly sized to your home so that it will have sufficient output to rapidly warm your home to the set temperature.

Better Resale Value

The condition of the home's heating system is one of the main factors potential buyers will often consider. For those that live in cold climate areas, this factor can be a deciding issue for many buyers. Having a relatively new heating system can help to make your home more attractive to potential buyers by reducing the risks of the house needing major heating repairs soon after purchasing it.