3 Great Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Costly Toilet Problems

The toilet is one of the most important features of the bathroom, and it's also the most stressful to deal with when complications arise. To prevent expensive and complex problems occurring on a regular basis, you can take advantage of these toilet maintenance tips. 

1. Clean the Interior Regularly 

After a while, the interior porcelain of your toilet can get really dirty. It's important to do something about this because otherwise, stains could develop that are then difficult and costly to remove. You can prevent stains from ever occurring by cleaning the interior regularly.

You don't need expensive commercial cleaners for this job, either. All you need is vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Stir this solution in a bowl for several minutes until completely mixed. Then, coat the interior of your toilet and start scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush. This home-made solution will break up whatever has collected over the week and leave your toilet smelling fresh.

2. Reseal the Bottom 

When the seal at the bottom of your toilet starts breaking apart, water can leak out and get everywhere. Failing to fix this issue can result in costly water damage, which can easily be prevented when you reseal the bottom.

For this repair job, you'll need a clear sealant that's waterproof and weatherproof. Apply several coats to weak areas of the toilet's bottom. After it has had time to fully dry, the sealant will prevent water from leaking out. For further protection, you may want to caulk any weak areas around the toilet's base. 

3. Utilize DIY De-Clogging Solutions 

One of the most common problems with toilets is a clog. It can happen out of nowhere, and if left unchecked, water could overflow all over the bathroom and cause destruction when you flush. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY de-clogging solutions that have proven to be effective.

For example, using an unraveled wire hanger can help you push through clogs that aren't deep within your toilet's pipes. If you use this approach, make sure you wrap one of the wire hanger ends in soft cloth -- so you don't damage the interior porcelain. Pouring boiling water directly over the toilet's drain can also help you push through clogs.

The last thing you want happening in the bathroom is for the toilet to stop working or get damaged. You can save yourself these headaches and financial burdens by putting a lot of time and effort into proper toilet maintenance. For more information, contact your local commode repair service.