What Happens When You Do Not Change Your Furnace Air Filter

If you have a forced air heating system, then you may constantly hear the advice to change your furnace air filter. This is something that both novices and professionals will talk about, and there are some serious issues that can develop if you choose not to change the filter on time. Keep reading to learn about a few of these problems.

An Overheated System

Air filters are placed along the air intake where air is pulled into the system before it is heated. This air is then moved through the rest of the system, where it is heated and forced through the vents. If an air filter is clogged with debris, then very little air can move through the heater. The heat created by the unit will then remain inside the furnace. This can cause pieces and parts to overheat. Overheating issues can destroy the fan motor and cause the internal thermostat to stop working. 

Extensive and long-term overheating can cause a crack to develop in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger does not only retain heat so it can be transferred to the air, but it also retains the harmful gases created during the combustion process. These gases are released out of the chimney, but they can easily slip through cracks and be released into your home. Carbon monoxide can then build up in your house and poison you, your family, and your pets.

Increased Energy Costs

If a great deal of the heat created by your heating system is not absorbed by air and moved into your house, then you may notice that your basement is quite hot. This is because the heating system will output the heat mostly into the room where the furnace is located. Unfortunately, if the heat is not being transferred to the rest of your home, your furnace will continue to run as the thermostat indicates that the house has not reached the correct temperature. 

When your furnace runs nonstop, a great deal of energy will be utilized. This can significantly increase your energy bills, and you will notice this issue when you receive your gas or electric bill in the mail. 

The longer you leave the air filter in place, the dirtier it will become, and more energy will be required to heat your home. If your filter is incredibly dirty, then you will be paying 15% more on energy than you should be. This means that you can cut your costs by simply installing a filter that costs only a few dollars. 

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