The Importance Of Clean Air Registers

If you live in a hot climate, one of your biggest expenses will be your utility bills from constantly running your air conditioner. Se using your AC is unavoidable, you should consider a few ways to make it more efficient. If you want to lower your bills, without living in a warm and uncomfortable house, making sure your air conditioner is efficient is very important. One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner is to install new air registers. This article explains why and how you should install new air registers in your home.

They Might Need to be Updated

There are many great reasons to invest in a new air registers. Just like other design elements around the walls of your house, cold air registers can look old and out of date. Also, materials like wood and metal can warp and look aged. Installing new registers, even if they are just basic and white, can be a great way to actually change the look of your walls.

Even worse than ugly registers, are registers that don't work properly. If the controls are rusted and difficult to operate, they might be hard to open and close. Your airflow won't be as efficient in your home if your are unable to open and close to maximize airflow in certain parts of your home to compensate for different temperatures. Likewise, old registers could become impossible to close completely. You might not be able to tell from the outside that your registers aren't closing all the way.

How to Change Registers

Most registers are very easy to change because they are only attached to the wall with a couple of screws. In some case, the register will also be glued or caulked to the wall. In this case you will need to cut it away with a utility knife. Most registers are universally sized and you can find replacements are home improvement stores. But, you should double check before you remove any registers. There are bound to be a couple of oddly sized registers that you will need to custom order. Replace the registers that you can while the custom-sized ones are being order or delivered. Often, caulking the edges of your registers is a good idea because it prevents any air from leaking out of the side.

New, efficient, and easy to operate registers will surely increase the functionality of your AC. talk to an HVAC service, like Air Cool AC Inc, for more help.