New Winter Baby? 3 Seasonal Maintenance Tasks To Keep Them Cozy

There is nothing like snuggling with your newborn on a chilly winter evening. However, it is important to make sure that their adorably decorated nursery stays at the perfect temperature for keeping them comfortable throughout the night. As you put the finishing touches on your baby's sleeping space, make sure to do these three seasonal maintenance tasks to ensure that your baby stays warm.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

During the winter, your heater is your first line of defense against the frigid temperatures. Yet, it is important to keep up with your heating service to make sure that it works throughout the entire cold season and is safe enough to operate around your newborn. This is especially true if you have a gas heater that can emit carbon monoxide if a major component fails. Arrange for your heating repair technician to check the unit before the start of the season, and always be alert for signs that you need heating repair such as inconsistent heating throughout the house.

Seal Cracks Around Doors and Windows

While your heater does its work, you can give it a boost by reducing drafts that enter each room. Walk around each door and window, and inspect the seals to see if they need to be repaired. If you detect a draft, then reapply the caulking or weather stripping. Pay special attention to any rooms in which your baby will be sleeping, and remember that too much cold air blowing by your thermostat could cause your heater to begin rapid cycling. If necessary, have your thermostat moved to a less drafty area of the house.

Reverse the Fans

Keeping the air circulating is important for your baby's comfort, and you can use your fans during the winter by using the reversal feature that is often overlooked. Normally, fans run counterclockwise during the summer, but the majority of ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to make it go in reverse. When you run your fan in a clockwise direction, it pulls the warmer air that has collected at the ceiling down to the rest of the house.

That precious baby warms your heart, and you want to make sure that they always have a heated room to sleep and play in. By adding these simple maintenance items to your baby prepping to-do list, you can look forward to enjoying cuddling with your newborn throughout the cold season in complete warmth.