Why a Central Air Conditioner Stops Working

Do you feel miserable staying at home on hot days because the central air conditioner stopped working? If you are ready to bring the system back to a working condition as soon as possible, hire a contractor to pinpoint the problems. Keep in mind that you might need to get a new system installed if the problems are too severe. However, it is possible that something minor has caused the system to stop working, such as dirt. Below, learn some general information about the common things that can go wrong with a central air conditioner.

1. An Electrical Problem is Present

You must understand that a central air conditioning system must have a good supply of electricity in order to work. If there is no action from the system at all, you might be dealing with an electrical problem. For example, it is possible that the system isn't receiving electricity because something has gone wrong with the electrical panel in your house. The problem can be as simple as a tripped circuit breaker needing to get turned back on. However, a more severe electrical problem is when the wiring in the air conditioner is damaged, such as frayed wires in the power cord.

2. No Movement from the Blower Fan

If there is no noise or air flowing through when the system is on, it might be due to the blower fan being in bad shape. The fan may have stalled and is no longer able to produce air, which can happen from several things being wrong. For example, rust can accumulate on the fan parts and prevent it from spinning. Dirt is another thing that can prevent the fan from spinning when too much of it accumulates throughout the years. You might either need to get the blower fan cleaned, or a contractor will have to replace it.

3. You Need a New Thermostat Installed

The thermostat to your central air conditioning system is very important. If the thermostat doesn't work, the system won't come on anymore. However, you don't need to replace the entire system just because it isn't working. All you will need to do in such a case is get the damaged thermostat repaired. For instance, the needle in the thermostat might simply be broken or loose. If the damage is too severe for repairs to be made, simply get a new thermostat installed to resolve the problem.

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