How To Know If A Bad Circuit Breaker Is To Blame For Your HVAC System Malfunction And Repairs That Help

If your HVAC system keeps tripping the circuit breaker in your electrical panel, it's a good idea to keep the breaker off until it can be inspected by an electrician. It may be difficult for you to tell if the problem is with your HVAC system or the electrical panel, but since electrical problems can be hazardous, it's best not to take any chances and call a professional for help. Here are some things the electrician may check when deciding on the type of electrical repairs needed. Read More 

4 Advantages Of Frequently Servicing Your HVAC System

Few people think about tuning up their HVAC systems as long as they are working as they should. But, if you wait for your unit to break down to call the maintenance and repair team, you will shorten its lifespan and compromise comfort in the house.  Worse still, you will incur high repair costs, which can be avoided with regular professional maintenance. Therefore, it is best to develop a preventive maintenance routine that takes care of issues before they get out of hand. Read More 

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Location For A Heater Installation

One important decision you'll need to make when you have a new heater installation done in your home is where to locate your heater. The following are six mistakes to avoid when choosing a location for a heater installation.  Putting a heater in a cramped spot You don't want to have a heater installed in cramped quarters. There should be free space on all sides of your heater. Your heater should not be touching other nearby obstructions, including walls or other appliances. Read More 

3 Differences When Retrofitting Central Air Into An Old House

Most central air installations fall into two broad categories: hardware replacements or new installs in homes without existing systems. While it might not initially seem like there's a vast gap between these two situations, the differences can be significant. In most cases, retrofitting a central air conditioner in a home without one requires more time, money, and effort. Of course, the added costs are often worthwhile since they can improve your home's resale value while also making it more comfortable. Read More 

2 Reasons Why The Size Of Your Home’s Air Conditioning System Matters

Whether you are replacing your home's central air conditioner or are installing one for the first time, one of the decisions that you will need to make has to do with its size. While looking over your various options, you may believe that you need the largest unit possible to keep your house cool. Or, you may think that you can save money by purchasing a smaller unit. However, buying and installing an A/C unit that is too large or too small for your home is never a good idea. Read More