What You Need To Know About Furnace Repair

Your furnace is essential for keeping your home comfortable in cold conditions. A furnace that isn't heating well or not at all can be a significant problem. Seeking out furnace repair as quickly as possible is vital, especially if it's going to get colder. Many things can go wrong with a furnace, and calling in a professional is the best way to promptly get your heat back on. Here's what to know about furnace repair. Read More 

What Might Change After A Furnace Replacement?

When you have your furnace replaced, you know you can expect to have a comfortable, warm home. You probably also know that your energy bills will be lower since new furnaces are so much more efficient than older models. But what else changes when you get a new furnace? Take a look at these changes you may experience.  A Different Thermostat HVAC contractors often replace the thermostat when they replace a furnace, unless you already had a new smart thermostat. Read More 

Is Your Contactor Really To Blame For Your Failed AC?

Modern central air conditioning systems are fairly sophisticated, with numerous potential failure points. Electrical failures are one category that's often easy to spot, although these issues may not be as common as you expect. Since it's a relatively easy part to replace (and many how-to guides are available online), people often mistakenly blame their contactors for AC problems. While contactors can and do fail, they aren't typically the source of electrical problems with an air conditioner. Read More 

No Hot Water From Your Shower? Here Are Possible Causes

You may not think much of it, but warm water from your showerhead can be perfect for cold mornings and evenings. However, the lack of warm water when you most need it can be highly unpleasant and inconvenient. Such an occurrence could also mean an underlying issue with your plumbing. Thankfully, you can hire an expert to fix this plumbing problem and restore warm water in no time. Here are possible reasons why your shower doesn't have hot water. Read More 

Ways To Improve Heating Efficiency

In most households, heating accounts for the largest energy expense. Therefore, there is a need to improve your heating efficiency. It's the only way to get the most out of your heating systems without increasing your home's energy usage. So, how do you achieve high heating efficiency? Well, try these options. Replace Your Filters Changing the air filters is the easiest trick, but most people forget to do it. Unfortunately, failing to change dirty filters can decrease the efficiency of your heating system. Read More