Major Benefits Of Upgrading To A Modern Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace can be a move that can bring numerous benefits to your home. It can be a rather major project to undertake a furnace replacement, but understanding the benefits that this improvement can provide will make it easier to justify this type of major investment and disruptive home improvement project. Safety Improvements In addition to reliability issues, an aging furnace system can also be a major safety risk. Read More 

4 Reasons You Shouldn’T Keep Your A/C System Under Cover

Keeping your central air conditioning system under wraps this winter sounds like a no-brainer. After all, you want to protect it against all manners of ice, snow and debris buildup that's common during the season. Unfortunately, covering up your A/C system could do more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you're better off leaving your outdoor A/C cabinet exposed to the elements. 1. Rust and Corrosion Moisture is a common problem with A/C systems put under cover. Read More 

How To “Be Nice” To The Plumbing In An Older House

Pipes and other plumbing fixtures do not last forever. If you have an older home with original pipes and everything is still working well, count yourself as lucky. To keep the plumbing in working order, you'll want to treat it with kid gloves, so to speak. Here are some ways to be extra nice to the plumbing in an older home. 1. Only flush toilet paper. Make sure everyone in your home knows to only flush human waste and toilet paper. Read More 

Is Your Furnace Ready For Fall And Winter?

Life is full of to-do lists, but some of the most important to-do lists are those that have to do with your home. This time of year, one of your to-do list tasks is getting your heating system ready for fall and winter. While it is probably a to-do task that you don't want to do, it is a task that needs to be done to ensure that you don't find yourself wrapped up in a blanket, freezing [almost] to death, and waiting for a professional HVAC technician to come out to home and fix your broken-down furnace simply because you failed to perform routine maintenance early in the season. Read More 

How To Find Your HVAC Odors

Are you constantly using lighting candles or using scented plug-ins in order to make your interior smell better? Does it seem like your odor issues are even more pronounced when your HVAC is turned on? Many people have serious problems with their home odors because they don't properly clean the HVAC system. There are several points at which odors can take hold in your HVAC system. This article explains how homeowners can find the source of bad smells in the HVAC system. Read More