Why a Central Air Conditioner Stops Working

Do you feel miserable staying at home on hot days because the central air conditioner stopped working? If you are ready to bring the system back to a working condition as soon as possible, hire a contractor to pinpoint the problems. Keep in mind that you might need to get a new system installed if the problems are too severe. However, it is possible that something minor has caused the system to stop working, such as dirt. Read More 

Sealing Heating And AC Ducts To Save On Energy Bills And Protect The Air Quality In Your Home

If the ducts in your home's HVAC system aren't sealed properly, much of the heated or cooled air that travels through them doesn't arrive at its intended destination. Inadequate sealing of ducts also creates an opposite effect. When air is not being forced through the duct system, moisture can enter the ducts. Mold grows wherever there is moisture to sustain it. This mold can not only inhibit air flow, but the mold spores can also be blown through the ducts, causing potential health problems for the elderly, children, and anyone in the home with compromised immune systems or allergies. Read More 

Three Tips For Success From Your AC System

When you need to make sure that you are able to stay as cool as you can inside of your home, the way that you take care of your air conditioner means a lot. As a homeowner, this is incredibly important to you and will allow you to make it through your summers without a sweat. Follow these tips below so that you are able to be a good steward of your air conditioner. Read More 

Dishwasher Not Starting? Here’s What Could Be Causing It

Do you have a dishwasher that you're currently unable to use? It seems to be on, but for some reason, that start button just isn't working. Before you call for help, it's important to find out the potential reason if you can so that you know what you are dealing with. Here are the most common reasons for a dishwasher not starting.   Check the Wiring and Fuses This can sound like a silly suggestion, but it is one that is commonly forgotten now. Read More 

2 Reasons To Replace Your Aging Furnace

One of the most important home improvement tasks that you will need to handle as a homeowner is replacing an aging furnace, mostly because an aging furnace can lead to all manner of issues. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider purchasing a new furnace.  Decreases Your Heating Bills One of the biggest reasons to consider a new furnace is to avoid large heating bills. In many cases, when a furnace gets older it will begin to get less efficient. Read More